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Mauqu R. Khan

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Jesse Gross




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Do you suffer from a lack of energy or a chronic condition?Have you tried drugs and other traditional remedies?Does nothing seem to work for you?When we suffer from things like low energy levels or other associated problems the temptation is to seek medical advice from a doctor, to take pills that will pep you up and hopefully see you through a short period of time. But drugs aren’t the answer to everything and don’t always work and this is when an alternative cure needs to be found.Inside the pages of Reiki: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Energy, Improve Health, and Feel Amazing with the Reiki Ancient Healing Art, that alternative can be found, with information on:- An Introduction To Reiki- Learning About Reiki- Reiki's Negative Side- Considering Reiki For Health- Solving Problems The Reiki Way- More Advantages Of Reiki- Using Reiki EffectivelyReiki has been around for a long time and is something that works for all sorts of people, suffering from a range of problems. It is a completely natural cure that could mean the difference between suffering of becoming pain free.To see how Reiki could help you, get a copy of this book and explore new ways to cure chronic complaints!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 19m 00s

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