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Michelle Masters




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Discover the inside secret to attracting money (or anything) with ease! This is the operator's manual for being human that none of us ever got. Imagine learning how to open the doors so money flows in to you - without having to make conscious changes in what you're doing... Filled with insights, stories and simple, yet profound, exercises, this is the long awaited book based on the internationally popular transformational Money Magic workshop created by Michelle Masters. Masters has been an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner since 1995 teaching all over the world. She combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Family Systems work, Matrix Energetics and a variety of other modalities into her work to create lasting change for people in all areas of their lives. Jeffrey Slater and Chris Duncan have nicknamed her 'The Coaches' Coach' because so many of the top coaches in the world have trained and worked with her. - Learn how your three brains make or cost you money; - Discover the glasses you don't know you're wearing; - Find out just how many jelly beans are in the Universal jar. - Includes exercises and experiences to help you open the door to change. Fun, funny, practical, easy to digest and with a hint of magic, Money Magic shares powerful tools for deep and lasting transformation, both personally and financially. Get your copy now so you can start creating the money, and life, that you want.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 50m 29s

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