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John Hays




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Do you want to life a long, happy and healthy life?Do you sometimes feel like you need a supplement that will help boost your body’s healing power?Omega 3 is the answer!Looking after our body and its overall health should be our first and most vital concern at all times. If we look after ourselves it follows that things will work properly and by maintaining a balance we avoid chronic illnesses like heart disease and high blood pressure, that can impact in a negative way on daily life.In this audiobook, Omega 3: The Ultimate Guide to Super Nutrient for Living Longer, Happier, and Healthier, you will be introduced to one of the best nutrients you can eat, through chapters on:- What Is Omega 3 & Why Is It Healthy?- The Discovery & History Of Omega 3- Selecting An Omega 3 Supplement & Getting The Most Out Of It- Benefits Of Omega 3 For Your Health & Your Body- Omega 3 & Your Heart- How Omega 3 Helps You Heal- Omega 3 & The Whole Family…Kids & SeniorsFound mainly in oily fish and some seeds, Omega 3 is something we should all be eating more of every day, to ensure a healthy body and functions.Get a copy of Omega 3 and see what benefits it could have for you!

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Duración: 27m 03s

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