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Chad C. Blade

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John Hays




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Do you want to burn off excess fat and be healthier and fitter?Have you tried all the diets that are available and nothing works?Have you considered that Intermittent fasting could be the answer? The thing that usually happens when we decide that we want to lose weight is that we start by picking a diet that looks good, do it religiously for a week, a fortnight or a month and then get bored. We fall off the wagon and return to our old ways of eating unhealthily and usually we put on all the weight we lost, plus some extra.There is a concept that disagrees with the traditional methods of dieting however and in this audio book, Fasting: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Healthy Lifestyle Through Intermittent Fasting, Start to Burn Fat and Feel Your Best, you will find a way to overcome your previous failures with chapters that cover:?Breakfast Ideas When Fasting?Lunch Ideas When Fasting?Dinner Ideas When FastingWhat Should I Eat When Not Fasting??Common Intermittent Fasting Mistakes?two on five Off Fasting Diet?The 16 On 8 Off Fasting Diet?Common Intermittent Fasting MythsIntermittent Fasting, far from being a fad idea, is actually what our bodies are programmedWe were never meant to eat 3 or 4 meals a day, every day. There were times when food was in short supply and we had to go without.p>So Intermittent Fasting makes perfect sense and when you try it you’ll be amazed by the results.

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Duración: 25m 55s

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