Lucid Dreaming

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Elia Friedenthal

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Charlotte McGuinness




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•,How do you trigger a lucid dream?•,How can I have a lucid dream tonight?•,Is lucid dreaming safe?•,How do you do the wild technique lucid dreaming?•,Is it possible to lucid dream every night?LUCID DREAMING: CONTROLLING THE STORYLINE OF YOUR DREAMSIf you’d like to EXPLORE lucid dreaming, try the tips in this book: LUCID DREAMING: Pure Mind = No Fear / No Limits, by ELIA FRIEDENTHAL. Lucid dreams may potentially:•,Reduce Anxiety•,Tackle Recurring Nightmares and PTSD•,Dispel Phobias•,Boost Creativity•,Improve Motor Skills“I’m a lucid dream researcher – here’s how to train your brain to do it” - ELIA FRIEDENTHALHOW TO LUCID DREAMTriggering lucid dreams can be fairly easy with the right methods. Those who are inexperienced with these phenomena may be able to induce a lucid dream for themselves through the techniques from this book: LUCID DREAMING: Pure Mind = No Fear / No Limits, by ELIA FRIEDENTHALIn this book you will learn:•,The Buddhist Tradition•,The Tibetan Tradition•,From Lucid Dreaming to Lucid Sleep•,Applications in Psychotherapy for Psychological Well-Being•,How to Induce Lucid Dreaming?•,Toltec Technique of Dreaming•,Technique of Intent•,Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming•,Technique of Hypnagogic Imagery•,Variant: Black Dot Technique•,Technique of Twin Bodies•,Tips to Avoid Premature Awakening•,The DILD Technique •,WBTB: Wake-Back-To-Bed (Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep)•,MILD: Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (Mnemonic Induction Technique of Lucid Dreams)•,The AB Method•,The ADA Method•,WILD: Wake- Initiation of Lucid Dreams (Lucid Dreams Induced When Awake)•,DEILD: Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream (Lucid Dream Initiated by The Exit of A Dream)•,VILD: Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams (Visual Induction to Lucid Dreams)•,Cat: Cycle Adjustment Technique (Sleep Cycle Adjustment Technique)•,LILD: Lucidly Induced Lucid Dreams (Lucidly Induced Lucid Dreams)•,Double Alarm Technique

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