Getting Acquired

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Escrito por

Andrew Gazdecki

Narrado por

Jay Aaseng




4h 53m 03s

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Andrew Gazdecki knows startups. He founded Bizness Apps as a broke, twenty-something entrepreneur and sold it to a private equity firm before the age of thirty—after going head-to-head with Apple over a blanket App Store policy that threatened to ruin him.He’s been a growth consultant for several more multimillion-dollar startups. His companies have been featured in TechCrunch more than a dozen times. Now, he shares his remarkable story in Getting Acquired: How I Built and Sold My SaaS Startup. Follow Gazdecki’s journey: starting a company at the age of twenty-one and hiring, then leading, over one hundred employees without any real work experience of his own.This honest, personal look behind the scenes reveals both his successes and his mistakes as he labored to build a compelling brand story and catalyze growth on a shoestring budget, almost lost everything, and finally sold the company for millions at the age of twenty-nine.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 53m 03s

Publicado por MicroAcquire, Inc.

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