Leadership For The New Female Manager

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Karina Sanchez

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Emily Christine




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The new female manager’s encyclopedia - how to lead like a pro and spin teamwork into value, even with little experience!If you’ve been newly appointed to a managerial position with a few years of experience under your belt…you may struggle to get used to your peers calling you “boss”. However, it would help if you weren’t afraid to embrace leadership roles - you earned every right to excel, and your boss must have noticed something exceptional in you, so don’t downplay yourself. All you need is to figure out how to lead your team - and you will be beating the quarterly targets before you know it.In Leadership for the New Female Manager, you’ll discover:- How to overcome imposter syndrome and feel comfortable leading people, even if you don’t have as much experience as everyone else.- How to evaluate your natural strengths, talents, and attributes, then use them to boost your influence in the workplace.- A deep understanding of the human side of leadership that you won’t find anywhere else to help you grow your leadership skills.- How to draw information out of people in a gentle, authentic, yet effective way and use the feedback to progress within your organization.And much more…Written with new leaders in mind, this guide contains all the tools, hacks, advice, templates, and questions to give you the confidence and knowledge boost you’ve been looking for.Stop feeling like a fraud, and start leading fearlessly!

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Duración: 4h 07m 47s

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