Psychology of Persuasion, The

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Cecily Mattis

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Marcus Mulenga




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The Psychology of Persuasion: Discover Smart and Proven Strategies on How to Increase Your Social Media InfluenceThere is no doubt today that Social Media sites have come a long way and that they are an integral part of everyone’s life, for marketers and nonmarketers alike. While you may have all the correct social media sites set up for your business, do you know if you are using them to your advantage?This audiobook will teach you different aspects of how you can increase your rangeof social media influence for your business. You will also discover the best way to track how you are doing when it comes to social media inside this eBook along with other useful tips.This audiobook will discuss the following topics:- Why Social Media Influence is Important- Increasing Your Influence on Your Social Sites- Social Media Influence and Your Business- How to Connect with Other Social Media Influencers- Alternative Methods to Track Your Level of Influence- Social Media Influence and Your Health- How Others Are Incorporating Social Media Influence- Posting Your Content on Social Media- And many more!As an online marketer one of your main goals is to become a person of influence in your niche or industry. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

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Duración: 14m 02s

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