Inspiring Leadership

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Peter Allen

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T.J. Allen




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Everyone, at some point in their life, will be asked to be a leader.Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers and are also essential to last success in business and life. But the problem with most leadership books is that they are just common knowledge, taken from other writers, and not useful. This book presents proven skills and qualities that are tried and tested to help you develop into your greatest potential as a leader. Become more than just “the boss" people follow only because they have to. Instead, master the ability to inspire and lead people.In this book, you will discover:- The pillars of building a successful company culture and high-performance teams- Family leadership - becoming a successful and effective parent - Simple ways to motivate and inspire your people during difficult times- Fear-vs-respect and why leading through fear is never the answer- Listening - the secret weapon of powerful leaders and the keys to successfully implementing it- How authenticity makes a leader more "real" and the five basics that make a leader more authentic- Leadership lessons from history’s most powerful (Napoleon, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and more)- The perils, advantages, and when to use Trump’s autocratic leadership style- The five major elements of emotional intelligence and using them to become a better leader- And much, much more...Are you ready to advance your personal or professional influence and become a great leader? If so... take action now to increase your leadership skills, expand your influence, and achieve your leadership vision by listening to this book.©2020 Peter Allen (P)2020 Peter Allen

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Duración: 3h 17m 14s

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