Body Keeps the Score, The

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Shannon Findley

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Marcus Mulenga




11m 12s

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The Body Keeps the Score: The Essential Guide on How to Heal Your Mind and BodyHave you ever wondered why you feel down, anxious, and fearful? Maybe you are depressed, or anxious. Maybe you feel like something is missing in your life. But even if your life looks good on paper—you have a great job, a loving family, and lots of friends—you still have that nagging feeling that something is wrong. You might even wonder if there is something wrong with YOU. Your problems may stem from early experiences, from things that happened when you were very young—maybe even before you were born! Those experiences can shape our lives far down the road, and sometimes, we do not even realize how much they affect us until we start to heal them.In this audiobook, you will learn about the process of resolving trauma and how to restore your mind, body and spirit to bring it to a place of wholeness. It will teach you tools that will help you bring back that inner child—the one who is playful and carefree, but also strong and resilient. This audiobook will cover the following topics:- What is Trauma- Stress vs Trauma- Generational Trauma- How Does Trauma Affect the Body- Trauma and Mind-Body Connection- The Steps to Recovery- Healing From Overwhelming Experiences- Shadow Work to Restore Yourself- And many more!Trauma survivors need to get help to heal from their experiences and live happier lives. To learn more, download your copy of this audiobook today!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 11m 12s

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