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Escrito por

Jim Colajuta

Narrado por

Jessica Andrews




38m 54s

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The day you decide that your life is your own is the best day of your life. There will be no apologies or excuses. There was no one to lean on, rely on, or point the finger at. The gift is yours, it's an incredible journey, and you're solely responsible for its quality. This is the first day of your life. Having a purpose in life is one of the most fundamental human needs. Ikigai, a Japanese concept, means "a reason for being." It refers to living a fulfilling life. Many different activities can provide people with a sense of purpose in life. These activities can range from volunteering to providing social support to the elderly and even caring for pets, all linked to increased happiness, better health outcomes, and longer lifespan.Everyone is equipped with an ikigai. Your ikigai is the reason you get up in the morning, the reason you want to live fully and cheerfully. Your ikigai isn't something your makeup; it's something you're born with. The Japanese believe that discovering one's ikigai necessitates a long, contemplative search that can lead to life satisfaction and meaning. All you have to do is dig far enough to locate it. Your ikigai lies at the crossroads of four circles: what you enjoy, what the world requires, what you can be compensated for, and what you're skilled at.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 38m 54s

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