Emotional Intelligence + CBT 2 books in 1

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Do you often feel overwhelmed and controlled by your emotions? Do you feel like most of your relationships are disappointing, empty or maybe even painful? Then you need to keep reading...We cannot hide this important fact: our emotional intelligence is a major factor that influences our happiness and success - far more than our IQ, according to famous psychologist Daniel Goleman. Emotionally intelligent people have healthier relationships, usually are better leaders and often tend to advance way faster than others.This includes two books:- Emotional Intelligence: Discover how to develop emotional awareness, EQ, and social intelligence, even if you're a clueless beginner.- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Reshape your brain to eliminate anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts in just 14 days. Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:- How to shift your self-awareness and gain a strong self-reflection with some tests designed by experts. (Discover facts about yourself that you've never heard before and learn how to NEVER lose control of your emotional reactions again!)- Essential hacks to analyze and improve any romantic, familial, or professional relationship in your life.- Little-known exercises to improve your self-management and learn IMMEDIATELY how to deal with stress, even during hard times.- How to have a better understanding and solve any disagreement at once.- The way to overcome the 10 types of negative thoughts and obtain mental clarity and self-fulfillment.- How to aspire to successful goals and create healthy and lasting results with four essential tips.- How to feel IMMEDIATELY better with some expert techniques when you're experiencing anxiety or emotional triggers. (Discover effective self-regulating tools and start attracting the reality of your dreams NOW!)And much, much more...So if you want to access the tools only known to leaders in the field, and find total freedom from the past, you should start today.

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Duración: 6h 22m 46s

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