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After 15 years of teaching more than 3 million people his System for using more of their mind the way ultra-successful people do, Jose Silva wanted to continue guiding them- physically, emotionally, and spiritually – so Silva started a “Founder’s Column" which became the most popular feature in the Silva Method Newsletter. It ran in every issue for the last 20 years of his life. Free Your Magnificent Mind, contains 100 of these columns which include:an effective way to program for world peace observations and life experiences thoughts about why we should act our ageLike many ultra-successful people, Silva was great at giving simple explanations for complex subjects. Not many people throughout history can claim to have started with so little, come so far, and achieved so much.Losing both parents by the age of 6, he went to work instead of going to school - he never attended school a day in his life as a student. Yet his scientific discoveries about the mind and human potential have literally changed the consciousness of humanity. He held 3 patents including one that was the first patent that stated "Human concentration turns on an educational program.”The articles are brief, averaging about 750 words each and are easy to read whenever you have a few minutes for some inspiration and motivation.It includes an appendix with several of the mental techniques he talks about so that you can apply them yourself.There is also information about where to get more help if you need it.

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Duración: 12h 40m 58s

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