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The Tools by Phil Stutz | Book SummaryImportant note: This is not the original audiobook, this is an audiobook summary.AboutThe Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity by Phil Stutz, Barry MichelsThe Tools is a book based on a set of practices designed by two therapists (Barry Michels and Phil Stutz) to offer a way to combat one of the most common complaints they heard from their patients: “What are the specific changes I need to make to help myself heal—what are the actions I need to take to conquer negative behaviors?” With these “tools,” we learn to find courage, turn pain into positive action, create focus, develop discipline, and express ourselves fully. The tools in this book provide us with a set of principles to combat anxiety and cultivate confidence. For years, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels only shared these tools with an exclusive patient base. Now, with the help of this book, those very same revolutionary techniques are now accessible to anyone—including you.Learn how to:–Use "the tools" to transform your problems into proper action to move forward in life–Step out of your comfort zone–Avoid staying trapped in the past–Step over anxiety and unfreeze yourself to do things you once feared–Live in the present moment–And much more

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