Conversation Skills

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Margaret Mann

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PIA NEBRADA Homer Cooper




3h 05m 31s

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Discover how to become a great and fascinating conversational even if in you're shy or often don't know what to say...Conversation skills are considered one of the most valuable skill sets ever. In fact, with those, you'll be able to seduce whoever you want, conquer your employer and get the job you're desiring, negotiate a higher income, attract new people into your life, and the list doesn't stop here. Our communication skills and success are highly connected. Do you want to be just like everyone else or you want to be that kind of unforgettable person who leaves a fascinating impression forever?Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:- Develop IMMEDIATELY a charming and magnetic personality in thirteen easy steps. (Start attracting interesting personalities into your life; you won't need any more to keep looking for them!)- Three essential rules to become involved in interesting conversations.- Seven horrible mistakes you're making in your communication that don't attract people.- The three most important secrets to get along with anyone you desire- Little-known tips you need to know to seduce the person you like by talking.- How to negotiate for achieving whatever you want NOW. (Control your life, show your strong and charismatic character and persuade ANY PERSON to agree with what you're saying!)And much, much more...Following the tips and techniques in Conversation Skills 2.0, you'll recognize all the bad habits that don't allow you to reach your social and professional dreams, the right methods to make these dreams become true, and how to attract new people around you.If you want to unlock these expert techniques, and finally ignite new opportunities through the power of conversation alone, then you should start this book today!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 05m 31s

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