Viral Marketing

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Gizmo Rachels

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Todd Studer




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Do you have an online business and want to generate more sales? Have you tried several methods but still want to improve on what you have? Have you considered viral marketing as a solution? The beauty of the online business world is that it can reach out into every corner of the globe. A company in Chile could sell to a customer in France or a man in Japan could do business with someone from South Africa. Getting to these customers is something else though, but viral marketing, where a business uses social networks to reach billions, is something that can work wonders.This audiobook, Viral Marketing : The Ultimate Strategy to Generate Sales in Your Online Business, will help you to plan and execute your own viral marketing that will propel your business to the next level, with chapters that include:- The Elements of a Successful Viral Campaign- Going Viral- How is Viral” Marketing Unique- Opportunities and IdeasViral marketing could well open your business up to unlimited customers, all eager to buy your products or services and all through a simple word of mouth technique that has been tried, tested and proven by many businesses before.

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Duración: 28m 38s

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