Tennis: Tennis Strategies: The 100 Best Ways To Improve Your Tennis Game

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Ace McCloud

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Joshua Mackey




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Are you tired of losing on the court? Does your blood boil each time you mis-hit the ball?Whether you want to (1) improve your playing technique, (2) find solid conditioning and training advice, or (3) just win more and have more fun, this is the audiobook for you.Is your tennis game less than a smashing success?Whether you're just beginning to play or you're actively competing, you'll find practical help in this audiobook for every aspect of your tennis game. Forehands, backhands, the serve, and the overhead smash: all are described in full detail, so you can easily solidify the correct technique.Get a grip on your success and see how easily you can play better and enjoy the game more!The foundation of successful tennis playing begins with getting a grasp on your racquet, quite literally. Find descriptions for each basic type of tennis grip, with primary usage and tactical weaknesses, so you can use each to your advantage. Exercises enable you to master the grips that will lay the foundation for effective playing.Consistently take the shot with confidence.Learn to use your stance, the pivot, full extension, and accurate timing to your advantage. I have described each stage of the serve to allow you to control both ball speed and placement.Sharpen your playing strategies and boost your mental focus.Whether hitting the court with friends, playing at a local tennis club, or competing in tournaments, tennis becomes even more enjoyable when you have a reliable technique and strategies that help you control the game.Find out how far your game will take you.Play Better: Buy it now!

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