Tennis from the Heart: Pursuing the Dream

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Ted Murray

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Ted Murray




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Tennis from the Heart: Pursuing the Dream is a story about an individual Sam, who reaches the finals of Wimbledon after having been a professional with limited success for over 10 years. His journey through life is a lesson in the differences between supportive transformational coaches that inspired love for the game and dictatorial coaches who turned him off.It shows the challenges facing an aspiring champion—from selecting the right academy and school to deciding whether to attend college or turn pro. Ultimately, this audio book is about the growth of Sam to become a self-aware human being who plays tennis with mindfulness, using the strength of his connection with the higher power of the universe.It is a wonderful inspiration for all aspiring tennis champions and their parents to understand the benefits and the challenges they will face. It is fantastic for coaches of any sport to understand the tremendous impact they can have on their students.It is also a fantastic story for people who aren't involved in tennis yet, but want to improve their lives by being more connected to their inner guidance and help raise the consciousness of humanity. It is a beautiful love story about the deepest and most enduring love, as well as passion for the wonderful sport of tennis.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 22m 53s

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