Talk to the Entities

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Escrito por

Shannon O'Hara

Narrado por

Max Zoulek




3h 38m 06s

(39 calificaciones)

Welcome the first novel written by Shannon O'Hara, founder and creator of Talk To The Entities; a global company educating and empowering people in the area of entities using the amazing tools of Access Consciousness. Come along on Shannon's amazing journey growing up, talking with and seeing ghosts, as well as all the struggles, difficulties, joy and magic along the way. If you have ever had any curiosity about this subject at all, this book is for you.If you want to learn how to open up to your own abilities with entities, this audiobook is for you. If you want to change the way you perceive the world, and also the way we think, feel and know about ghosts, then this audiobook is for you. If you do not desire to open up to different possibilities, this audiobook is not for you. You never know, this audiobook may even show you something you have known all along and never realized you knew?This is a rare glimpse into a world that many know, but few rarely see. What if awareness could be your greatest ally? What is speaking to you?

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 38m 06s

Publicado por Author's Republic

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