Swedish Death Cleaning

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Escrito por

Cloe Hampton

Narrado por

Jessica Andrews




1h 28m 36s

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After the consumerist orgy that has not made us happier, today the slogan is decluttering, clearing, ordering.Research has established that clutter accumulation has a huge negative impact on your health, relationships, and productivity.In this book, you will discover how to declutter using the simple and effective process of Swedish Death Cleaning. The concept is that you declutter your life, home, and personal space so that nobody else is constricted to do it.It might sound depressing, but the concept of Swedish Death Cleaning is not restricted to aging people alone, in fact, can and does occur at any stage of life, so anyone can benefit from living the essentialist lifestyle.In our society more and more often we tend to collect objects that, in our opinion, sooner or later could be useful. Clutter can accumulate in any space, without restrictions: at home, in the place where we work, in the car, in the bag, on a bookshelf, on the smartphone, pc, or tablet.In this book, you will discover how to start off the process of death cleaning in order to clear out all non-essential items and live a happier and balanced life.You will learn:? How to decide if death cleaning is right for you? when and where to start? Decluttering process step by step? Decluttering room by room? What to keep and what not? Many other benefits!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 28m 36s

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