Storytelling Skills

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Jim Colajuta

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Jim Chapel




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An excellent narrative is remembered by everyone. Regardless of the subject matter, good tales stick with us, whether we hear them on the radio, read about them in the newspaper, or watch them unfold on live television. A good story can be pretty compelling when recounted by a great storyteller. Effective storytellers can captivate their audience, guide them in whichever direction they need, and leave listeners/readers with new information to absorb and a value to carry with them.There's an old adage that people who tell stories are the ones who dominate the world. Whether you're pitching an investor, conducting a meeting, or introducing a new initiative, storytelling should be at the heart of everything you do as a team. Even a phone chat with a potential client entails some form of narrative. You may connect with customers, engage with colleagues, and even start a movement by using the power of storytelling.People often believe that learning a lesson through observation is less painful than learning through experience. When we share and embrace our failures, we assist others in overcoming their own challenges. The story can invest a concept with meaning and emotions in a way that plain writing cannot. People are drawn to stories because they can grasp a concrete object. Stories elicit emotions and motivate people to act.Speeches, presentations, workshops, and even board meetings can all benefit from the use of storytelling. Don't forget about it; it's been one of humanity's most valuable abilities since the dawn of communication.

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Duración: 57m 47s

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