Storytelling Skills

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Fred Hackman

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Zachary Dylan Brown




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Storytelling acts as a fantastic teaching tool that imparts life lessons to people of all ages. Storytelling has proved its durability and importance beyond any shadow of a doubt, beginning with the dawn of civilization and continuing in this era of almost immediate access to all knowledge. It has influenced our world in a number of ways, some of which are boringly simple to see and understand, and some of which remain more mysterious and enigmatic in meaning.The value storytelling retains inspiration as a source and as a teaching method makes it possess the most important heritage of humanity. Storytelling is about tales. It's about using stories to reach the audience or clarify something more - naturally, images, videos, and video help to tell a good story, too. Stories have also been a form of conveying. They'd tell each other stories before the people knew how to write.This brings brands back to earth as they are honest and genuine, which lets customers engage with them and the people behind them. Tapping into the feelings of people and highlighting the positive as well as the negative is how stories inspire and empower and ultimately push action.In this audiobook, we will be looking at the following in detail:- Storytelling: aims and applications- The 5Ws - when, where, what, who, why for good storytelling- Ways to make your story interesting and believable- The power of details- Persuasion techniques- Empathic communication- Storytelling in everyday social life- Business storytellingStories put people together in a world separated by a multitude of issues and build a sense of community. Notwithstanding our language, culture, political preferences, or ethnicity, stories bind us through how we feel and react to them. Stories make us human.Grab your copy, now, and enjoy it!!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 56m 30s

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