Steve Jobs

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Walter J. Stross

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Nick Dolle




11m 00s

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We all look to successful people when we want inspiration!For anyone seeking success in life, a mentor or someone who can be looked up to or imitated is probably an essential part of the process. Learning how someone got it right, as well as the mistakes they made along the way and how they overcame them, can mean the difference between success and failure.People like Steve Jobs, the co-founder of the successful Apple business, are those who have paved the way for millions of others to follow and in Steve Jobs: Lessons to be Learned from The Business Wisdom of Steve Jobs, you can begin to understand something of what made him tick, with chapters that examine:- The Basics- Have Passion- Learn To Communicate- Learn to Relate- Build A CommunityIf you are serious about reaching the goals you set for yourself and are determined to make it happen, then reading about the inspiration and motivation provided in this book is the first step to take.Get a copy of Steve Jobs: Lessons to be Learned from The Business Wisdom of Steve Jobs and see how you can build your own success with his as a template.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 11m 00s

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