Smart Talk

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Melissa Vela-Williamson APR CDP

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Melissa Vela-Williamson APR CDP




5h 57m 27s

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I want to have deep conversations that uncover helpful truths, clarify confusing concepts, and allow me to connect with others. I call this smart talk: real, honest, helpful conversations with an intelligent exchange of information and stories. As a public relations professional, your craft isn’t as straightforward as it may seem to those outside the PR industry. It’s a career in which strategizing and storytelling, making quick connections and forecasting the future are vital for success. Are you prepared for the real world of public relations? In Smart Talk, PR veteran and multicultural marketing expert Melissa Vela-Williamson shares how public relations really works. She provides experience-based insight that bridges the gap between classroom and career, showing you how to avoid detrimental mistakes and excel from Day One. You’ll learn about developing beneficial relationships, creating integrated communication strategies, planning targeted campaigns, and advising clients in their diversity and inclusion efforts. In public relations, missteps are easy but redemption can be difficult. Smart Talk is a candid guide to navigating this evolving industry and forging your own path toward an impactful, purposeful career.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 5h 57m 27s

Publicado por Lioncrest Publishing

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