Secrets to Gut Health for Women

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How to restore your gut health naturally by adopting the right habitsTired of dealing with digestive problems that are constantly ruining your day?Do you dread going out to eat with friends due to the embarrassment that follows after a meal?Are you looking for permanent relief from chronic gut ailments?If any of the above stands true in your case, then this may be the most exciting news you’ll read all day.Digestive issues are legit, and it’s shocking how often they go unreported.Women are way more prone to experiencing gut health issues than men, with more than 70% of women reported to have some sort of digestive issues, according to a study published on, most women tend to sneak away from talking about digestive issues as they fear either being judged or laughed at.But if ignored, digestive issues can take an ugly turn and may progress into a graver ailment.Fortunately, it won’t be that way for you if you follow some evidence-based strategies that have helped hundreds of people overcome their gut issues.In this book, you’ll discover:A simple breakdown of the organs and functions of the gut in an easy-to-understand language (even your kids would love reading about it!)A sneak peek into the exciting multiverse of gut bacteria, yeast, and viruses that control gut healthA scientific guide on the low FODMAP diet — everything you need to know to get started and stay on course with healthy eatingThe interesting connection between your gut, mind, and bodyThe types of chronic G.I. issues in women— steer clear from these triggers10 alarming signs that you may be at risk of having serious digestive issuesHow everyday habits like improper sleep patterns and eating junk food are killing your gutWhat you need to know about incorporating supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics for a healthy gutAnd much more.If you know your demons well, it becomes significantly easier to fight them.

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