Secrets of Nikola Tesla

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This audiobook has been recorded using Text to speech (TTS).Nikola Tesla is an enigmatic character. A Serbian-American with a fascinating history. In his own time he was a legend and a dandy of the press. His every word was reported, his every deed surprised. He was a character of his time and a true showman.But today there are secrets and conspiracies coming to light that will make us see this man in a new way. His inventions will now seem even more amazing.We are told his wireless technology captured alien signals and the world was in awe and wanted to know more. That his ideas of wireless power spreading across the planet were so dangerous to the might of the energy companies that he was silenced and starved of finance. That his legacy was ruined and his mental state questioned. The man raised millions and lived the life of royalty. And yet, at the end of his life he was bankrupt. and died in a dirty downtown New York hotel. He had become a character fool for the press who laughed at him. And yet, two days after his death the FBI raided his apartment and took away all of his possessions.We will investigate the man, his origins, his inventions, dreams and fantasies and we will tackle head on the claims surrounding him today. Welcome to the Tesla Enigma.

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Duración: 43m 36s

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