Radically Alive Beyond Abuse

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Dr. Lisa Cooney

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Dr. Lisa Cooney




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Would you like to know how to transition from abuse and trauma into radical aliveness? This audiobook by number-one international best seller Dr. Lisa Cooney will allow you to not only overcome an abusive past but also propel you beyond anything that has stopped you from full-out living thus far. You will get a glimpse into the change that can actually help you move through your limitations and into creation, possibility, and hope. Your life may never be the same. With an extensive history of abuse, starting when Dr. Lisa was a small child and well into adulthood, Dr. Lisa understands the cage that abuse can create and how it can affect every aspect of one's life. Through her own personal work, she has not only carved the path for others to process their own abuse and create a life beyond it, but she is a catalyst for change in the world to eradicate all forms of abuse from the planet. Dr. Lisa Cooney has worked with thousands of people specializing in creating aliveness beyond the effects of abuse.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 13m 02s

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