Propelling Performance

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Robert Nankervis

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Dave Stokes Robert Nankervis Verne Harnish




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Business owners and leaders are being challenged as never before. The trends are changing fast, business models are under attack, clients are fickle, staff expectations are rising. It can make for very reactionary leadership ... but that is not what drives sustainable success. As you're seeking to drive the growth, performance and, ultimately, value of your business, what must be done to avoid stalling through the climb?At last there is a book that supports leaders in not only surviving, but thriving in this context. This book provides a simple, step-by-step guide to surfacing the underlying beliefs, shaping the strategy, developing the execution disciplines, and adopting the leadership traits that actually drive success.Robert Nankervis is the insider on performance leadership, having held senior functional roles, recruited CEOs and executives to substantial organisations, advised boards, driven transformation projects and, since 2013, guided strategy development and supported senior executives as a professional business coach.Learn a simple, step-by-step approach that shows you how to:> Distil and leverage your core beliefs> Clarify aspirations for you and your customer> Conceive your strategy and the model to deliver it> Activate your plans to make them stick> Set yourself up to achieve strong execution> Escalate your successes through reflection and celebration> Lead for performance at a personal, team and business levelPacked with insights, exercises and stimulating questions, Rob shows you how to put all the elements in place to propel performance, drive growth and avoid a stall. By understanding these key energy levers and enablers, you'll get better results, faster and it will feel easier.

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Duración: 6h 35m 46s

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