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Max Highstein




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Included in this program: Introductory Lecture & Instructions: 3:04 Meditation: 20:12 Patience allows us to meet challenges peacefully, get along easily with others, accomplish long term goals, and enjoy life. With patience we can handle bad drivers and computer glitches without tearing out our hair, master a musical instrument, or raise a child with our sanity in tact. But early on, most of us also absorb a variety of negative patterns and beliefs that undermine our patience. As we grow older, these patterns and beliefs contribute to a state of mind in which we constantly pressure ourselves and others to think and move faster, and never allow ourselves to be comfortable with life as it is. This program can help you change that.Use this guided meditation to uncover and release old programming, and bring patience and peace into your most challenging situations, and all of your life. From the journey: “…one by one the leaves float softly toward you on the current, until you can make out the shape and color of each, and watch them float on their way downstream, far out of sight. As you watch, you feel no concern about how long it takes for each leaf to reach you; no pressure over when it will finally pass out of sight. The current carries every one at nature’s pace, and you’re content to simply relax and watch. As you continue to enjoy this lovely setting, take some time to reflect on the following question: What demands do you place on yourself and others that interfere with your ability to relax, enjoy the flow of life, and be at peace…”

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 23m 19s

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