Mindful Love & Sex Meditations

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Sonja Burger Olga Storm

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Ron Porter




54m 24s

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Your ability to immerse yourself in a deep, meditative, loving state while simultaneously concentrating on a range of sensory stimuli can intensify your experience of sexual pleasure. Practicing love meditation develops your ability to immerse yourself in the moment and heightens your physical and emotional responsiveness to your partner. Learn to touch and communicate physically and energetically, while fully expressing your emotions, love and tenderness. Practice our Mindful Love & Sex meditations at least once a week for two to three months. Do these meditations on your own and with a partner. Make love meditation a habit and gradually enter a new, loving, meditative state. Amplify your ability to enjoy every moment, achieve a new level of sensitivity and give physical expression to your emotions in sexual relations with your loved one. Our Mindful Love & Sex Meditations will develop your sensual abilities, heighten your experience of sexual pleasure and teach you new ways to express love and desire.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 54m 24s

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