Laws of Luck, The

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Brian Tracy

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Michael Tracy




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Make Your Own Luck!Some sav success is based on luck. But high achievers don't leave their success to chance. They guarantee their future by applying the proven laws of success. When you apply these laws, you will unlock the most potent forces in the universe. You control your luck.What's the key? If you want to succeed, do what successful people do. It's that simple.In this book, Brian Tracy shows how to put the laws of luck to work for you. You'll race forward faster than you ever imagined getting more done, earning more rewards, having more opportunities, and ultimately reaching the goal that everyone wants: happiness.This is the success method that never fails!Let Brian teach you the skills you need to achieve success satisfaction in all areas of your life. Learn how to: Use the eternal principles of cause and effect to get what you want. Bring your life into focus by setting clear written goals. Maximize the knowledge you need for prosperity. Use the power of habit to set your life on its best course. Increase your personal magnetism using the unstoppable power of empathy. Make friends with the people who can help you move toward your goals. Achieve financial independence and wealth. Sharpen the miraculous power of your mind. Acquire virtues such as courage and persistence, which are essential to any great life.Success and happiness are not accidents. By mastering the method that Brian Tracy presents in this book, you can learn how to reach your most cherished goals quickly and with certainty. You'll be successful-and people will call you lucky.

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Duración: 5h 12m 56s

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