Language of Letting Go

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Leslie Brycen

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Marcus Mulenga




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Language of Letting Go: The Ultimate Guide to the Art of Surrender, Discover Useful Methods on How to Let Go and Surrender So You Can Live In Harmony With YourselfYou have probably heard the phrase "Never give up!" or "Don't quit!" as well as a variety of other quotes that center on the theme of always fighting and not giving up. But there are certain situations wherein it would be more beneficial to surrender and let go rather than keep fighting. Perseverance is a great quality but sometimes, it is romanticized by society to the point that people don't give up even though it is to their own detriment.This audiobook will teach you how to recognize situations when you have to fight and when you have to give up. You will discover when you have to surrender and let go. You will learn the best ways to let go of your past and use them for inspiration. You will discover useful tips on how to just focus on the present to live your best life possible. This audiobook will discuss the following topics:- Figuring Out What You Truly Value- Figuring Out What You Need to Surrender To- How Allowing and Surrender Works- Getting in the Right Mindset- The Difference Between Positive and Negative Mindset in Surrendering- How Important Is It to Live in the Here and Now- How to Use Patience- Advantages and DisadvantagesThe act of allowing and surrendering has a huge impact into your life that's why it is important that you learn when to do them. You have to always be aware of the situation so you can determine which action you should do.If you want to learn more on how you can determine whether to fight or give up and let go in your life, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 11m 07s

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