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Judy McHelen

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Tracy Pearson




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Interview Hero: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Interview Techniques, Discover Useful Tips and Helpful Guidelines That Can Help You Land Your Perfect JobInterviews can be overwhelming whether you are interviewing for an entry-level position or for a senior-level role. The key to acing any interview is to come as prepared as possible. This is your first chance to impress the interviewer or your future boss and any impression you give during the interview will play a big role on whether you will get that job offer.This audiobook will teach you all the valuable information you need before going to an interview so you can be as prepared as possible. It would give you an idea on the type of questions you will encounter during the interview and how to best answer them. You will also discover the common mistakes anyone committed during interviews so you can do your best to avoid them. You will have an idea on how the whole interview process takes place so you will know what to expect.This audiobook will discuss some of the following topics:- Interview Do's and Don'ts- Common Interview Mistakes- Control of the Interview Conversation- How Much Should You Tell During The Interview- How to Guarantee a Successful Interview- Informal Interviews Can Help You Break the Ice- Interview Attitude Creates Failure or Success- Preparation for the Interview- Prepare Your Own Questions- Proper Conduct at a Job Interview- Interview Process From Start to Finish- Topics of Discussion For an InterviewDon't be discouraged if some of your interviews don't go well and instead, consider it a learning experience. This learning experience can be part of your preparation for the next interview. If you want to discover the best practices on how you can do well during interviews in order to get the job offer, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.

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Duración: 34m 21s

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