How to Make a Few Billion Dollars

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Brad Jacobs

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Brad Jacobs




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Do you have a burning passion to make a lot of money in business? Are you ready to turbocharge your chances of professional and personal success? During his more than four decades as a CEO and serial entrepreneur, Brad Jacobs has created seven flagship companies across different industries, delivering tens of billions of dollars of value to shareholders. In How to Make a Few Billion Dollars, Jacobs defines the mindset that drives his remarkable success in corporate America—and distills a lifetime of business brilliance into a tactical road map. From provocative recommendations for “rearranging your brain”—an essential prerequisite to accomplishing enormous goals—to practical advice for dealing with colleagues, Jacobs will have you rethinking what it means to win big. He explains why it’s critical to spot key trends and capitalize on them, including the biggest trend of all—the rapid evolution of technology relative to human development. And, he shares his techniques for • turning a healthy fear of failure to your advantage, • achieving lots of high-quality M&A without imploding, • building an outrageously talented team, • catalyzing electric meetings, and • transforming a company into a superorganism that kills the competition. How to Make a Few Billion Dollars is an inside look at how this entrepreneurial titan leads with humility, compassion, and accountability, while running hard toward the American Dream. If your personal dream is to create wealth through free markets or to triumph in sports, the arts, politics, philanthropy, or any other part of your life, this book will help you make that a reality.

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Duración: 5h 37m 19s

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