How Emotions are Made

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Sam Spencer

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John Hays




28m 36s

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How Emotions are Made: A Guide on How to Understand and Improve Your Emotional Intelligence so You Can Maximize Your Potential and Achieve More!Emotional intelligence seems pretty straightforward. However, it has very important components that we need to seriously examine instead of just automatically assume. This is the big danger of emotional intelligence. Since we get along with other people and have some level of experience as far as social interactions are concerned, it's too easy to gloss over the intricacies and fine details of this skill. That's precisely what emotional intelligence is. It is a skill.This audiobook will give you a better understanding of what emotional intelligence is and how it really works and how it significantly impacts your life.Topics that will be covered are the following:- What is Emotional Intelligence- Emotional Awareness and Emotional Understanding- Emotional Control and Empathy- The Ability Model for Emotional Intelligence- And many more!Believe it or not, emotional management plays a very big role in whether a person is going to reach the pinnacle of success. To learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 28m 36s

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