Hacking Growth

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Cybill Morton

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Marcus Mulenga




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Hacking Growth: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Growth Hacking, Discover How to Build Virality and Guaranteed Growth Into Your Business Any entrepreneur's dream is to grow his business but sometimes, it's hard to come up with marketing ideas to grow the business. Growth hacking is a strategy aimed at acquiring as many customers as possible to ensure the growth of the business. It used to be that internet marketing and programming are two separate entities in marketing. Marketers will promote products and coders are in charge of building codes for platforms. But now, these have merged already to create a single system under growth hacking. This audiobook will teach you all the information on how you can grow our business and build your brand using the power of the internet. You will discover techniques on how to improve and build your portfolio. You will learn how to understand the mindset of customers in order to effectively track growth. You will discover growth hacking techniques that would guarantee gaining visitors for your site.This audiobook will discuss the following topics:Internet Marketing BasicsBuilding Your PortfolioFinding Your NicheMethods of SuccessGrowth Hacker MarketingStep-by-Step Hacking ProcessBuilding a FunnelGaining VisitorsUnderstanding Push TacticsUsing Product TacticsActivation and Closing StatementsMarketing is an essential part of any business but it is best to have a dedicated team of employees who will focus solely on the growth of the company to make sure of its success. If you want to learn more about creative strategies that would help your business acquire and retain more customers, scroll up and click "add to cart" now.

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Duración: 10m 33s

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