Digital Marketing for Business 2023

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Thomas Clarke

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Aria Abbot Steven Keane




3h 01m 43s

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The future of business growth is digital. Are you prepared?Digital marketers tap into an unprecedented ability to discover and reach motivated customers at scale. Now more than ever, digital marketing strategies are the key for emerging brands, new and veteran entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes to convert customers in digital spaces.In Digital Marketing for Business 2023, the author distills a decade’s worth of marketing experience into a crash course that covers everything from marketing fundamentals to sophisticated digital strategies.This book equips readers with the skills and strategies they need to reach customers and grow their businesses. Whether you are a freelancer selling your services to businesses, an entrepreneur who needs more customers, a student who needs to get up to speed fast, or an online creator, artist, or influencer you will find value in these pages.It doesn’t matter if you have never run a Facebook Ad before or are a successful entrepreneur who just can’t make your digital marketing efforts click, anyone can become a savvy digital marketer by using the tools and tactics presented in this audiobook!Digital Marketing for Business 2023 Explains:- How to use digital marketing channels to connect with more people and win more customers- How to nail down exactly who your customer is and how to create a marketing strategy that reaches those people where they spend time online- How to boost your search rankings and get your business seen by the millions of people using search engines every day- How to use social media marketing to increase engagement and round out an effective marketing strategy.You Will Learn:- How Timeless Marketing Basics Can Be Repurposed for Digital Spaces- Exactly How Digital Marketing Tools Work and How to Use Them- How to Organize and Implement Campaigns that Reach and Convert at Scale- How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Social, Email, Advertising, SEO, and More!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 01m 43s

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