Day Trading Bible

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Andrew Douglas

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Andrew McDermott




20h 12m 39s

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Has the stock market always fascinated you with tales of how people made millions? Is day trading something that has captured your attention? Do you think you have what it takes to trade stocks on a day-by-day basis?The stock market has always been a place of high drama; a place where amazing fortunes can be made, sometimes in a day, and where there is always a pulse of adrenaline ready to propel you to the next big deal. But what does it take to become a day trader and try to compress all of that into a few precious hours?In this audiobook you will discover what is needed to become successful in this high pressure world, with sections that cover: What day trading is The psychology of it Developing a profitable system How to day trade in Forex Why most people lose money Common mistakes to avoid And lots more…There is no doubt that day trading is not for the faint hearted and that there is significant risk that should be considered. But the rewards, for anyone willing to properly prepare for it, are significant. Day Trading Bible will help you understand the system that surrounds this part of the stock market and help you to eliminate basic errors that cost some traders dearly. It is perfect for beginners and for those who need a helping hand to make sure their day trading is a success!

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Duración: 20h 12m 39s

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