Convoluted Universe, Book Five, The

Esta es la portada del audiolibro Convoluted Universe, Book Five, The

Escrito por

Dolores Cannon

Narrado por

Zachary Johnson Moe Egan




9h 50m 07s

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"Are you an intrepid explorer of the unknown? Do you enjoy having your mind twisted in ways you never thought possible? Are you ready to leap down the rabbit hole and emerge in undiscovered territory? Well then . . . The Convoluted Universe [series] is your ticket!" --Abby Horowitz of Mind Body Spirit OdysseyThe fifth volume in the wildly successful Convoluted Universe series is, in the words of the author, "like a big box of mind candy." It is meant to be tasted, enjoyed, and pondered over.Here are new concepts and theories about the true meaning of virtually everything of universal significance. Like Cannon's previous books, this volume covers a startling range of topics: explorations of alternate universes, time travel, pyramids, extraterrestrial assistance, Big Foot, mermaids, gold, reincarnation, and much more.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 50m 07s

Publicado por Ozark Mountain Publishing

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