Conversation Skills for Shy People

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Elaine Ortega

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PIA NEBRADA Richard Soto




3h 25m 27s

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Discover how to be a smooth-talking conversationalist even if you're shy, awkward, or frequently run out of things to say.Conversation skills are consistently voted one of the most valuable skill sets of all time. They’ll influence whether you succeed at seduction, charm a prospective employer, attract new friends, negotiate a higher salary, and the list goes on. There is a direct link between your communication abilities and your overall success in life. So, the choice is simple: will you be a dull and forgettable nobody or a captivating conversationalist that leaves a powerful impression?Here's a short preview of what you'll discover:- Thirteen steps to INSTANTLY start developing a magnetic personality. (Stop searching for new connections and start making them come to you!)- Three must-know tips to get along with absolutely anyone you meet.- The seven terrible habits you don’t realize are making you unlikeable.- Three golden rules for sparking interesting conversations.- Little-known tricks for seducing your crush through conversation.- Essential negotiation techniques to start getting what you want NOW. (Show dominance in your everyday life and persuade ANYONE to agree with your point of view!)And much, much more…Even if you're constantly at a loss for words and have never charmed anyone in your life, the extensive research behind this guide will ensure you develop show-stopping magnetism to own every room you’re in, and life-altering conversation skills that allow you to talk to absolutely anyone and ignite fascinating interactions like an unstoppable wildfire.If you want to unlock these expert techniques, and finally ignite new opportunities through the power of conversation alone, then you should purchase this book!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 3h 25m 27s

Publicado por Beast Publisher

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