Conflict Resolution

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Jim C. Siedel

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Nick Dolle




21m 35s

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Do you find it difficult to deal with conflict situations?Do you find that work or personal relationships constantly throw up challenges you cannot deal with?Would you like to learn how to improve your abilities when it comes to conflict?We all face conflict from time to time. Some have to face it in their daily jobs, while others may face challenges at home with unruly children or neighbours. Dealing with conflict in an effective way can be hard when you aren’t used to it or if you are unwilling to get involved with people who seem to thrive on it.In this book, Conflict Resolution: The Ultimate Guide To Deal With Conflicts, you can learn some of the most effective ways of dealing with conflicts that arise in various situations, with chapters that provide information on:- Are Your Expectations Causing Conflicts?- Compliance or Conflict?- Conflict Management Supervisors for Managers- Dealing with Conflict at Work- Dealing with Conflicts at School- How Do You Rate Skills?Armed with this information you will be much better placed to deal with conflict when it arises and be more confident that you will be able to resolve it.Get a copy and be ready the next time conflict appears!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 21m 35s

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