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Earl Nightingale




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No matter what your career objectives are, Communicate What You Think will help you achieve them. You'll do a better job in selling ideas, plans, or procedures to associates or customers. Your sales presentations will sparkle. Your turn at the conference table will be a happier, more rewarding experience. More people will tend to seek you out at social events and want you to head up community projects. Even your written reports, letters and memos will get more attention - and action. You'll discover how to transmit messages from one person to another without sacrificing meaning or intent... how to master the art of oral expression and, at the same time, hold your audience... how to build a speech from a formula (and when not to)... how to prepare visuals that help your audience "get the picture"... how to say something worthwhile and still leave them feeling good. Earl Nightingale, creator and host of INSIGHT, a monthly audio-cassette and book of stimulating ideas, and one of the world's best known authorities on high level performance and human potential, is chairman of the board of Nightingale-Conant Corporation. He has spent 30 years in research on what makes people - and therefore any company or organization - successful. He is often referred to as the dean of personal development. He is also the author and narrator of many audio programs devoted to personal development, sales and management training, and human relations, including of course The Earl Nightingale Audio Library. His famous message, "The Strangest Secret", earned a Gold Record from Columbia Records for sales exceeding a million copies - the only recording of its kind to receive such an award. He has also received the Golden Gavel from Toastmasters International and many other awards ranging from a special in-person recognition by the Queen of England to an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 2h 06m 01s

Publicado por HN Publishing

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