Cognitive Processing

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Richard Ramsden

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Todd Studer




37m 19s

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Are you fully aware of the power of your mind and how it works? Would you like to get more from it and increase your intelligence? This book will show you how to do it! The mind is an amazing tool that we can use effectively if we know how to. With it working to a greater extent of its abilities we can achieve success in whatever we choose to do. Unfortunately, for many of us, we only use a small fraction of what is available, so imagine how much more you could achieve if you could increase and expand your understanding of your mind. In this audiobook, Cognitive Processing: Learn About How Your Mind Works and Build a Strategic Plan to Increase Your Intelligence, there are chapters that cover lots of ground when it comes to increasing our mind’s ability, with information on: - Intelligence Basics Cognitive Processing - Associative Processing - Patterns - Expectation - How we Think - Our Representations - Problem Solving - What we Must do Imagine what you could do and the heights you could reach when you apply the power of your mind to a problem. You could do things faster, more accurately and with greater ease than ever before. Not to mention finding the success you always wanted. And it’s all here, inside Cognitive Processing! Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 37m 19s

Publicado por Author's Republic

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