Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto Revolution

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Do you want to take part in the financial digital world of cryptocurrency? Yet find it difficult to understand or grasp all the information due to complicated explanations that need explaining in and of itself?Blockchain, Bitcoin And Crypto Revolution Or How To Invest For Beginners takes you through a simplified journey of the virtual currencies, how the technology behind it works, it's history and what you can do with it. You don't need any prior knowledge to understand cryptocurrency investments. It includes strategies, advantages and a realistic approach to trading and investing in the crypto world as well as delving into future aspects and opportunities that may be coming your way. Furthermore taking a peak at investing in tech companies such as Tesla or Apple.It is filled with examples of both successes and cautionary tales in order to keep your journey in investing as safe as possible. In the end, you will be equipped with a foundational knowledge to get you started on your investing journey ahead, boosting your possibilities of success in a turbulent investment world.Covering a realistic and unbiased approach towards investing and cryptocurrency, it will allow you to not only see the benefits, but also the risks you will undertake when deciding to invest. You will also learn to look out for scams such as ponzi schemes. So take your first step into cryptocurrency, and let your knowledge expand to understanding the digital future.

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Duración: 2h 47m 03s

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