Alchemy of Love Relationships

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Escrito por

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

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Suzanne Cerreta




9h 21m 35s

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The Alchemy of Love Relationships is an illuminating guide for using spiritual principles to heal the heart, attracting the right mate and creating a lasting and loving relationship.It is a known fact we can all relate to: An unhealthy, wrong love relationship can hurt us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Most people employ trial and error as they proceed from one love relationship to the next. This unsafe method leads to unnecessary heartbreak, and must be avoided if one is to create a healthy love union. But how, one may ask, can we step around and over the pitfalls of trial and error? The answer lies in taking the guesswork out of your search for love, while opening your heart and mind to the possibility of experiencing love in a new and positive way.Unknown to most, there are unseen universal laws that direct every relationship. These forces play an essential role in determining when to enter a relationship or marriage, and what to do once in it. It is the ignorance of both the existence of these forces and their relevance that causes the disease that shortens the life span of a given relationship and bitterly breaks the heart. Conversely, when love partners take the time to examine the ways in which these powerful forces of nature work they can build the fertile foundation that gives birth to a healthy, positive union.Discover how to illuminate the dynamic of a couple's individual and collective soul path. Also, included are meditations to heal the heart following an emotional break-up, purify the aura and attract a loving and lasting relationship. The spiritual principles revealed in this book are of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. These truths are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Use them to take control of your love and experience it on a higher level.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 21m 35s

Publicado por Rootlight International

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