8 Hour Deep Sleep Meditation: Sleep Better with REM Hypnosis

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Joel Thielke

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Catherine Perry




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This 8 Hour sleep program is a relaxing and soothing new meditation program that works with your sleep cycle to help you sleep better.Powerful benefits of this 8 Hour program include:- Deep, restful sleep through the night- Deeper relaxation for your body and mind- Less anxiety- Less stressJust start listening to this 8 hour program when you're ready for bed, and get comfortable to fall asleep. In the first two hours, you'll drift off to sleep with our Luxurious Deep Sleep Induction, which will relax your body and mind and prepare for rejuvenating REM sleep.Then approximately two hours into your program when your REM cycle starts, the REM boosting track will gently play, helping you sleep deeply.The next 4 hours of the program contain subconscious deepening and anchoring points that work with your brain waves to keep you deeply relaxed, helping you get the most use out of your brain power. At the end of the program, we will bring you out of your deep sleep with a gentle wake ending count up and positive suggestions for a great day.For more information on our products or to ask us a question, please visit www.motivationalhypnotherapy.com

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Duración: 7h 11m 05s

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