365 Motivational Quotes

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Shove away the devil on your shoulder telling you that you can’t, and embrace the angel’s virtuous voice who believes you can…Are you stuck in a rut, not knowing which direction you are going in life or which direction you want to take?Do you struggle to find motivation in your everyday routine, feeling tired of your mundane quality of life, wishing you had the audacity to strive for your goals?Do you look up to those hard-working folk who seem to be able to grind 24/7, get everything they want done (and more), and thrive in life, yet wonder how on earth they do it?These people are not superhuman--although they seem like it--but rather, they have found the secret to tapping into their inner self-worth.Motivation is not something people are born with, nor is it something that sticks around forever once you have it. It is something that perpetually needs to be worked on and paid attention to.By having constant reminders, however, finding the will to get things done becomes effortless and simple.In 365 Motivational Quotes, you will discover:- 365 inspiring quotes, one for each day of the year, to fill up your inner motivation reservoir and fuel your drive for success- The secret to being at the top of your game--and staying there till the end of time- How to become a part of the microscopic 1% of the population who simply never give up until they reach their goals- How to transform yourself into becoming your own cheerleader, as well as quit seeking validation from others as your form of life support- The powerful effect history’s most beloved people have on convincing you to get out of your bed and take action now- Compelling life lessons you need to know that won’t be taught in school, and of which can only come from years of past experienceAnd much more.

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