14 Karmic Laws of Love, The: How to Develop a Healthy and Conscious Relationship With Your Soulmate

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Most people go through life without understanding the purpose of their existence or how their past reincarnations keep affecting their decisions and emotions in present time, and even interfering with the dynamics of their relationships.Although we don’t necessarily always find someone we met in a previous life, it is a fact that, due to our predisposed energy field, and the way it is arranged, we tend to always be drawn towards those with whom we have an emotional connection with, and for good or for worse.That connection tends to find reasons within our karmic path.One way or another, we are attracted to what is beautiful or broken. But the outside is always a reflection of the inside, and both elements of reality complement one another. The physical world is nothing but the theatre of our spiritual manifestations and learnings. Indeed, there are different reasons behind our many behaviors and thoughts, most of which are much older than we want to believe.The physical aspect of them is nothing but a form of justification within a wider spectrum related to our own eternal growth.The more you understand this and learn to actually see it, the faster you will be in learning how to make proper decisions towards your most desired outcomes.In this book, you will gain a better perception of how karma affects your life, and how previous reincarnations affect the way you think.You will also learn how to clean your karma, how to find your soulmate, and how to keep a healthy relationship with someone that you have met in another life.Ultimately, the path that is unveiled here, will guide you in finding your true self, while identifying the traits that can make you a better person.Most likely, what makes this book unique, among so many others on this topic, is that while it was being written, it was also happening to the author himself.

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Duración: 2h 57m 27s

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