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Want to be on top in your sales career?How do you succeed in the profession of selling?while also maintaining your sanity, avoiding ulcers and heart attacks, continuing in a good relationship with your spouse and children, meeting your financial obligations, and preparing for those "golden years,"?and still have a moment you can call your own?Zig Ziglar shows you how, sharing information, direction, inspiration, laughter, and tears that will help you make the necessary choices for a balanced life?personal and professional.Selling is a magnificently rewarding and exciting profession. It is, however, more than a career. It is a way of life?constantly changing and always demanding your best. In Ziglar on Selling, you'll discover the kind of person you are is the most essential facet in building a successful professional sales career. You've got to be before you can do."I will see you at the top?in the world of selling."?Zig Ziglar

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