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Many people have discovered creative methods to earn money using the internet. A “money-making” technique that is currently popular today is the monetization of YouTube channels. Whether you are a musician who wants to get some attention from music fans all over the world or a business owner who is establishing a video library for the products that you are selling, monetizing your YouTube account is a great way to build a reliable income, provided you do it correctly.As YouTube is free to set up (and easy - all you need is your Gmail address, and you’re set), the company makes its massive profits from ads. While they are reserved for those top budget players, YouTube still has certain issues with the ads as they are considered a form of interruption messaging, i.e. not organic content that is so highly favored on other social media platforms. Essentially, the paid ads are disrupting viewers from what they are doing on the site. And with the ease of the “Skip Now” button, the ads have a high chance of not being viewed if they are not properly targeted.This guide will focus on the following:•Features and impact of YouTube•YouTube tools to help you target viewers•Creating great YouTube content•How the YouTube algorithm works•How to get more YouTube subscribers•Making your videos•Bringing in the traffic•Picking a profitable niche and keyword research•SEO•YouTube channel goals you can control… AND MORE!

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